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Ambulance Fees

While ambulance service fees are not an insured benefit under the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) or the Canada Health Act, fees are heavily subsidized for persons with a valid BC Care Card who are covered by MSP (known as MSP beneficiaries). Fees for non-MSP beneficiaries represent the unsubsidized cost of providing services.

Legislative fees effective April 1, 2020

When a BC ambulance is requested to a residence/ workplace, but transportation is refused or not required.

$50 flat fee (ground or air)‎


When a BC ambulance is requested and a ‎patient is transported.

$80 flat fee (ground or air)


When‎ a BC ambulance transports a patient between hospitals.



‎When a BC ambulance transports a patient between a facility (e.g. care/residential home) and hospital.

$80 flat fee (ground or air)


Persons without valid B.C. medical coverage (e.g. visitors to BC/non-residents), as well as work-related injuries, claims under RCMP, and other federal agencies.

Rates effective April 1, 2020

$848 flat fee (ground service)

$4,394 per hour (helicopter)

$11 per statute mile (airplane) ($6.94 per kilometre)


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