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Thank a Paramedic, Dispatcher or Call-Taker

​​​​Medical emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye. Here is your chance to thank a BCEHS staff member who made a difference in yo​ur life, or the life of someone you love.​​

Please note: This form is not intended for the purposes of submitting a formal complaint. Please see the Compliment​s & Complaints page for more information.​



Anonymous1572AnonymousThank you to the two amazing paramedics, Chris and Nick, who took my dad to the hospital. They were both very calm and professional and instantly calmed my fears with their presence. It is very encouraging to know we have paramedics like them that are helping people. My dad is home now and is doing much better. Thank you!05/04/2021 8:44:36 AM
Adrienne 1571Adrienne On February 24, our daughter had an accident with a tide pod that went into both eyes. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Dan and Xavier for the care and kindness they showed to our family. This was such a scary experience, and I will always be grateful for the help they provided and the compassion they showed. They will always be our "ambulance neenaw" angels.31/03/2021 9:41:13 PM
Anonymous1570AnonymousThank you James for always advocating for me. It means a lot. And thank you to Jenny once again for always being a star.31/03/2021 7:24:05 AM
Anonymous1569AnonymousMany thanks to all of you folks who help save lives every day. Keep doing what you are doing! 29/03/2021 5:45:09 PM
Anonymous1568AnonymousMy son overdosed on Thursday night. The 911 dispatcher walked me through a terrifying event and helped me to save my son's life. Thank you so much. I don’t know your name but you were my hero and my strength.21/03/2021 6:35:36 AM
Anonymous1567AnonymousThank you to Callum for his competence and quietly caring ways that helped me on a very dark night.20/03/2021 1:50:38 AM
Cathy, COVID-19 survivor1565Cathy, COVID-19 survivorThe 400 characters limit is not nearly sufficient for the gratitude I feel. Although I don't remember more than 30 seconds in the ambulance, I do remember being in total awe of the paramedic's bravery. There are no words to adequately thank her (including all the people keeping us safe and well-fed in the intensive care unit). I'm eternally grateful! Thank you! 16/03/2021 9:43:24 PM
Cathy, COVID-19 survivor1564Cathy, COVID-19 survivorThe first anniversary of my ambulance ride is in March. I think of my paramedic every day with much gratitude. It was early on in the pandemic, and they arrived in two vehicles while still honing in on their COVID-19 protocols. She was the only person that got anywhere near me and rode with me to the hospital. I wish I knew her name as I do keep her in my prayers. 16/03/2021 9:33:30 PM
Anonymous1563AnonymousThank you to the dispatcher last week, who helped out through a very difficult time. For a moment, the awful memory of the church camp was replaced with a safe and good one. I don't think dispatchers know how important they are to hurting callers.14/03/2021 4:28:47 AM

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