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​​​​Medical emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye. Here is your chance to thank a paramedic or dispatcher who made a difference in yo​ur life, or the life of someone you love.​​

Please note: This form is not intended for the purposes of submitting a formal complaint. Please see the Compliment​s & Complaints page for more information.​



Suzanne1724SuzanneTwice in April, fire truck and ambulance were dispatched to my home. The first time, I had a myocardial infarction and they got me to Royal Columbian in time to save my life. The paramedics and personnel were absolute rock stars, as were the heart surgeons at Royal Columbian. The second time, I learned about gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This is my first casual thank you - I will write further. Thank you! You are angels.24/06/2022 4:27:21 PM
Dawn1723DawnOn May 19th, emergency personnel were called to my daughter's elementary school in Port Moody. She suffered a cardiac arrest. I want to thank the paramedics that responded so quickly and got her to RCH and then transported her and a team to Children's. You saved her. She is home because of all of you. There really are no words to express our gratitude but Thank You.21/06/2022 4:13:11 AM
Terri 1722Terri On June 10th, my father, Robert, went into cardiac arrest. I would really like to thank the dispatcher and the paramedics that responded to my call. I panicked. I appreciate you so much for the way you helped me that day.20/06/2022 6:49:41 PM
Gesa1721GesaThe paramedics who attended to my mother on Jun 13/22 were fantastic. Many, many thanks to Randy, Adam & Matthew. They were kind, caring and comforting. They handled the call with professionalism and great knowledge. I can't say enough positive things about them other than to repeat that they were a great team and we are very fortunate to have them as paramedics.14/06/2022 5:39:19 PM
Ken1720KenOn June 12 in Nanaimo I placed a call to 911. My wife had ruptured a varicose vein. The lady on the other end answered immediately. After I explained what was happening she gave us clear, precise instructions of what to do while we wait for paramedics to arrive. Paramedics commented on the good job we did, all thanks to the 911 operator. We can't thank you enough.13/06/2022 8:25:39 PM
Gloria1719GloriaI called ahead because I was so nervous to use an ambulance for my mental health. The kindest man comforted me and sat inside with me till someone else was taking care of me. It's been almost 2 years and I'm still extremely grateful for such safe, calming and thoughtful paramedics. Thank you so, so much for that small part of your day that made a meaningful impact on me.10/06/2022 1:25:14 AM
Angela1718AngelaThank you to Bruce and Nic who helped me last night. I don't remember much from my bike accident, but I was feeling safe and cared for once I was in your hands. I am incredibly thankful for everything you do every day. 08/06/2022 2:11:16 AM
Tricia - Amica Lions Gate1716Tricia - Amica Lions GateOn behalf of the team at Amica Lions Gate, we wish to say thanks to the AMAZING paramedics, dispatchers and firefighters in West Vancouver! We truly appreciate your quick response and kind, caring, compassionate way you treat our very vulnerable residents. Thanks for everything you do for keeping us safe, especially during these challenging pandemic times.29/05/2022 1:01:27 PM
Amica Douglas House1715Amica Douglas HouseThank you all that you do for our residents at Douglas House. We appreciate your quick response when we call and your kindness and patience. We are lucky to have you so close by!! Staff of Douglas House 27/05/2022 7:20:53 PM

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